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GraceReclaimed Alfresco…..

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Cooler weather is here (for now)! Is anyone else elated, giddy, ecstatic, overjoyed?? ….Well you get my cool drift!  Happy October ya’ll! 

And to welcome fall and the fast approaching holiday season, I am excited to announce a new happening, 7thJoy inspired, but way different!   

It’s the Grace Reclaimed Alfresco Sale!   

After several years of wonderful 7thJoy Trunk shows with my friend and cohort, Robin McKay and few other special friends and artisans, a break was in order 

But me, being the ever wondering mind, creative wanna be busier that I need to self; I just had to come up with something to change up the routine and continue to celebrate creativity. 

Thus, GraceReclaimed and…. 

The 1st GraceReclaimed Al Fresco Sale! 

On my own, as a designer/home stylist for the last 19 years, I’ve come across some wonderful one of a kind things, amazing finds, a “few” extra chairs and pieces I just never had the chance to use or wasn’t willing to let go. 

Well it’s time ~ time to start letting go, time to start clearing out and time to start gracefully sharing some of those things….. 

So I’m reclaiming, repurposing, refurbishing, reworking, repainting, revamping or simply selling a plethora of things from my hoarding designer stash!

The sale will include new and old furniture, accessories, lighting and soft goods; as well as holiday & seasonal décor, plus a few 7thJoy second chance items!

Maybe even some treasures from 1 or 2 guest participants!

    So mark your calendars for,

  Saturday, November 16th , 9:00 – 4:00

  400 Epps, Tomball, Tx 77375

The Old Charlton House Grounds 

Put your GRACE on and come claim a few things for yourself!

… only and carry immediately please!

This sale will be by invitation only, via this blog, facebook friends and Pingg past 7thJoyTrunkShow loyals.    

Feel free to bring guests, but I kindly ask that all attendees print and wear this name tag or wear the word GRACE somewhere on your person


My hope is to make this a repeat event with a variety of friends/participants/artisans, so if you would like to join the next sale, email me for details! 

Watch the blog, grace reclaimed peeks to follow!!!

Can’t wait to see you! 

In God’s Gracious Care, Belinda Abbott-Shaw

GraceReclaimed News…but first, an interruption for YardCrashers!

      Music to play if you like!

Hello my sweet friends and few followers…I have some good and not so good news for you…

The not so good news,

No 7thJoy Christmas Trunk Show this year!

 Sad, I know!

But more about that and what’s coming instead in my next post.  Stay tuned, I promise it will be worth it!!

The Good News is,  DIY Yard Crashers is coming to little ole Tomball, Texas!!Yard Crashers is Coming to The Arbor Gate!

Well Arbor Gate to be exact!And guess who is auditioning or going to beg her case?  Of course…Me!

You see, we have made great strides with the old Charlton House over the last 12 years.  Look closely, she has beautiful new carriage lights & a freshly painted stoop!!  Yes, St. Philip’s hand.DSCN3100 But her backside….hmmmmm? Suffice it to say, not so pretty!  Even Skylar, the pecan eating dog prefers the porch….

 After 11 years of inside restoration, outside repair & paint, front yard landscaping & musical plants (yes I dig up & move my plants frequently, throwing cautionary seasonal transplanting to the wind), I know, I DO need HELP.   Those of you who know me, don’t even say it!

So here she is in all her sun worshiping, sunscreenless, sunspotted, needs a serious sprinkler system (sounds a bit like me) Glory!  Just a few shots of the ugliness is enough to send even the most seasoned DIY’er packing….

     DSCN3123       On my wish list!

  A beautiful chicken house, Isn’t she a cool?chickencoup

…not like this one St. Philip started and never finished. That sweet guy can sometimes be directionally challenged…or is it that B gives too many directions?



Maybe a screen of some kind for the trailers…8336de57469e8d349ea8aa415c2def30

Yes TRAILERS, plural, DSCN3118

Everyone needs a tired old pop up and a flatbed junker, right?  Yard Crashers…do you need a place to spend the night or an extra stuff hauler???…Have I got a deal for you!!!



I’m thinking an all white garden instead of brown for a change…Good idea, huh?434f583329db9e8aa620543f299f26ef4bdaa991e262a98a7f81896ec0bfc68a

Nothing like this herb garden gone awry, preferably living & something a little tamer!!!DSCN3130Or this pitiful fruit orchid of two, calling my transplant name…DSCN3127

And of course, a sprinkler system to support all that lush greenery and those abundant flowering and fruit bearing trees and plants.  Love this!!!6a76c2e5e8dbb9a183140f4fd608c920

A beautiful deck surrounding my beloved pecan tree would be nice!DSCN3112You don’t even want to see how she is dressed now!

Or I would settle for new French doors, from the dining room, Uh-hmm…leading out to a gorgeous new pool…just dreaming, I am?2b591edcbac078c2bfec88bc3837b5bcThen I could compete with the other Nana…just kidding Deborah!

So, regardless of the thousands of other hopefuls that I may or may not beat to Arbor Gate this morning, I’m in!  Taking my coffee and my iPad; putting my best 56-year-old BeBe needs some backyard magic look on and I’m showing up at the senior crack of dawn…yes that early!  Anyone care to join me?  Just look for me, with my white and black polka dot rain/it’s getting deep in here boots, because you know there will be a lot of that!  Just sayin….


So, I’d like to thank you in advance Yard Crashers for choosing me. You won’t regret it!

Most sincerely and in God’s Gracious Care,

Belinda Abbott-Shaw

Home Stylist & Positive Thinker

Outa Time, Money & Stamina Landscaper Wannabe

Loving owner of the Old Charlton House,

(infamous, historic and reportedly haunted, you say?)

Yard Crasher Update……

Sad to say I didn’t get picked and Matt doesn’t read my blog, WHAT?

….I was about mid way through the line of probably 300+ people, Matt ran by me and several other ladies like we had silver leprosy!  But being my pushy self, I spoke up and showed him a couple of pictures of The Old Charlton House and her graveyard in back…He didn’t seem impressed!   Oh well, it was a fun try.  Anyone else who would like to come over and give my back yard a makeover….I’m waiting!   Thanks to all for your good wishes!  Gracefull, B

Grace on Epps

  Listen if you like…..newest music love!

Hey Everyone, So excited to welcome you to my new place of residence….well my new blog place of residence!  Please bear with me as I learn the ropes here!!

I have recently decided to change up my world a bit.  Spending more time on sharing my love for reclaiming things and giving them a new purpose and less time on buying new and adding to the every growing world of B’s almost a hoarder’s garage on Epps.

Please join me in my new venture and watch for my soon to come, maybe monthly Grace Reclaimed Sale on Epps.  It will be hoards of fun…I can’t wait!! is a thing of the past, but it’s trail should always lead you to my latest creative place and for now, this new page. is still around until I make the full transition!

In closing, please be sure to check out the “reclaimed” page and sign up for future posts!  Who knows, you may find something you need, a little inspiration, valuable editing tips or a good laugh at my efforts to share them…

Full of grace and walnuts, B